A 96-hour guarantee of the exact guest count will be required for all banquet functions. If updated information is not received, the last count received will be considered the guarantee to represent a minimum billing. North Tahoe Catering Co. will prepare five (5) percent over the guarantee on all plated functions. Although North Tahoe Catering Co will make an effort to provide the chosen menu, circumstances may require us to serve a comparable selection when the guarantee is exceeded. If the group exceeds five (5) percent over the guarantee anytime within the 96 hour period, a 10% surcharge will be included on the cost of the addition meals.


Prices quoted are guaranteed for sixty (60) days.



Menus must be confirmed no later than two (2) weeks in advance of the function.



Groups will be charged a late fee of $100.00 if the dinner services in delayed thirty (30) minutes past the
pre-arranged time.


Rental Equipment:



There will be a 15% charge on any rental service ware that is organized through North Tahoe Catering Co. and the rental service companies.





Buffets are served for a duration of one and one half (1½) hours. If you wish to extend the duration, there will be a $40.00 per hour, per buffet charge.



Minimum Counts:


For plated functions of twenty (20) people or less, a $50.00 service charge will apply. For buffet functions of twenty (20) people or less, the group will be charged the sum of twenty (20) people.



Service Charge and Sales Tax:


A service charge of 20% will be charged to the cost of food and beverages and 8.25% California State sales tax.




All pricing stated here is based approximate depending on travel, delivery and general logistics of event. We will attempt to promise any pricing but may vary due to market fluctuations.


Please note: As hosts, we . North Tahoe Catering Co are responsible to monitor the potential intoxication of our guests and will regulate bar service to insure the safety of our guests.